Football is the most popular sport when it comes to betting. As it is the most anticipated sporting event of all times, bookies and bettors from all around the world are excited to make the most profits in the football season. If football is also your favorite sport then yes, you can make money with it right from your home. Football betting is not a very uncommon term in sports betting and you can be a football bettor as well.

It is not a basic football betting so don’t expect any basic knowledge on bookies and odds and spreads. You can get all the information and news about football betting from dailymail which is the best way to learn about the trending football related news. Today I am going to discuss Trixie Betting in football, which is a lesser-known term even among the experienced bettors. So this article is about a beginners’ guide to Trixie betting in football.

Trixie Betting – A Knowhow

Although Trixie bet is especially famous among the punters who like to have a stake in horse racing, it also has a lot of importance when it comes to football betting. It is actually a triple selection wager which consists of 4 basic bets including 3 doubles and a treble. A treble is the one in which three doubles have been added. The main advantage of this is that even if one selection fails to generate a win, a return is still guaranteed.

Trixie bet is an excellent way to give a boost to your returns from a short-priced selection. This strategy is especially useful in the scenarios where a lower reliable return is appreciated as compared to a single large win.

No matter which bookmaker you are choosing, be it William Hill or Bet365, building a Trixie bet is quite simple and easy. You just have to find 3 selections that you want to back and go with it. You can get a sign up bonus code at Bet365 for a new account and enjoy the benefits of free bets or bonuses. You can do whatever you like with the bonus, even try your luck at the Trixie bet as well.


Calculating the Returns in Trixie Betting

You don’t have to bang your head on the wall to calculate the returns in Trixie betting. There is a simple solution to that. You can use an online Trixie calculator to get the estimated returns in a matter of seconds. Before placing the bet, you would like to try entering different odds and different outcomes to test how it is behaving.

As Trixie is a full cover bet where each of your selected bets appears in 2 doubles and a treble, you just need to make two of the winning choices to generate a reliable return from a Trixie bet. It is also important to remember here that the Trixie bet does not contain any single wagers, so if a single bet wins you will get nothing in return. You need at least two of the best to win in order to generate returns in Trixie betting.

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