Choosing the right Email Delivery Service is vital for every online business. Just having a well-designed website doesn’t automatically ensure a high Google ranking. With a plethora of options in the Email Delivery Service market, it’s crucial to select a provider that caters to your requirements at a fair price. It’s important to thoroughly assess the different Email Delivery Service companies available.

This article presents an overview of Maileroo, a prominent provider offering various features and services at reasonable rates. Let’s dive in.


Maileroo provides a range of email services tailored for developers, such as an API, SMTP relay, webhooks, and real-time analytics. Its goal is to offer a dependable and expandable delivery system for handling large amounts of transactional and marketing emails.

Maileroo provides real-time tracking of delivery, clicks, opens, and bounce rates. It ensures fast and dependable email delivery. The platform includes a free Email Verification API for minimizing bounced emails, provides dedicated IP addresses for high-volume senders, and offers DNS Records for sender authentication. Additionally, Maileroo offers detailed email performance reports, manages bounced email suppression efficiently, and supports both SMTP and HTTP Email API for seamless integration.

Why Maileroo:

One of the standout features that distinguishes Maileroo from other Email Delivery Service providers in the market is their

  • Real-time email tracking: Monitor delivery, clicks, opens, and bounce rates instantly.
  • Free email verification API: Reduce bounced emails and enhance inbox delivery.
  • Dedicated IP addresses: Ideal for high-volume senders with fully warmed-up IPs.
  • Robust DNS records: Authenticate your sender’s legitimacy with DKIM, SPF, and DMARC.
  • Detailed email performance reports: Gain insights from comprehensive email analytics.
  • Suppression handling: Manage bounced emails effectively, avoiding repeat sending to hard-bounced addresses.
  • Versatile email API and SMTP: Choose between traditional SMTP or a simpler HTTP Email API for seamless integration.


Here are a few exceptional features that distinguish Maileroo from other competitors in the market:

The service is tailored to developers creating marketing automation, ecommerce stores, SaaS apps, and any other project that requires cost-effective and scalable email delivery.

Deliverability and Reliability

At the center of any email service is its deliverability. If your emails do not make it to the inbox, then all other aspects become irrelevant. Maileroo uses dedicated IPs and advanced sender reputation tools to ensure maximum inbox placement on major email services such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more.

Key characteristics that boost the effectiveness of delivery consist of:

Dedicated IP Addresses

Maileroo offers dedicated IPs to separate senders and minimize reputation risks associated with sharing IP addresses, ensuring reliable inbox delivery.

Real-Time Blacklist Monitoring

Blacklists pose a challenge to email marketers. Maileroo takes a proactive approach by monitoring over 64 major blacklists to minimize delistings.

Free Email Verification API

Among my preferred features is the free email verification API. It examines for spam traps, disposable emails, and additional elements to maintain the cleanliness of your lists.

Email API and Integration Capabilities

The maileroo API provides comprehensive programmatic control over email transmission and data analysis. It supports seamless integration with applications, CRMs, platforms, and automation tools using callbacks, webhooks, and event triggers.

Email Analytics and Insights

For marketers with technical skills, this data can assist in improving signup processes, lifecycle campaigns, email subject lines, and more. Additionally, the analytics can be integrated with business intelligence and data warehouse tools to merge email data with other information sources.

Sender Reputation Tools

As mentioned before, inbox placement is highly reliant on sender reputation. Maileroo offers integrated tools for overseeing and managing the elements that influence deliverability, including:

Suppression List Management

Opt-out requests are respected thoroughly with comprehensive suppression handling, covering complaint lists, blocklists, and other sources.

Blacklist Notifications

Proactive monitoring notifies you instantly if IPs or domains end up on spam blacklists so you can promptly delist.

Free Email Validation API

Protect your sender score by conducting bulk verification of mailing lists to steer clear of spam traps, disposable emails, and invalid addresses before initiating campaigns. For developers balancing numerous client accounts, having reputation management tools integrated is essential for providing necessary protection.

Affordable Price

Maileroo differentiates itself in the competitive industry by placing a strong emphasis on its affordability as an Email Delivery Service provider. The company’s dedication to transparency is evident in the clear and readily available pricing information provided on their website. This accessibility extends to how features are presented, offering potential customers a simple way to determine if Maileroo’s plans align with their requirements.

With the added benefit of high-quality deliverability tools, Maileroo emerges as a remarkably cost-effective option for handling mid to high volume transactional emails.


I’ve been using Maileroo for three months to write this review. During this time, I’ve been really happy with how it’s been working for me. I haven’t run into any issues yet. Getting it set up was easy with the support team’s assistance, and its performance matches up well with other Email Delivery Services out there.

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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