In the modern digital era, characterized by rapid changes and a constant influx of apps and tools, maintaining organization and productivity can be quite difficult. Managing numerous tabs, transitioning across different platforms, and keeping tabs on all our files and tasks can lead to feelings of being inundated and exhausted.

What if you could consolidate all your essential work tools into one convenient workspace? Introducing liftOS – a groundbreaking productivity suite.

What is liftOS?

liftOS is a complete productivity solution that consolidates all the necessary tools and functionalities for organizing your projects, assignments, memos, and documents in a unified hub. Tailored as a single destination for your professional requirements, liftOS provides a collection of integrated productivity tools that collaborate seamlessly.

The core of liftOS consists of three robust modules:

  1. Project Management: Create, assign, and monitor your projects, tasks, and deadlines effortlessly in one workspace.
  2. Wiki Builder: Work together with your team to record company procedures, processes, and institutional knowledge using a platform similar to Notion.
  3. File Management: Arrange and retrieve your essential documents, media, and other files efficiently, with the option to connect seamlessly with Google Workspace and Miro.

The Benefits of liftOS

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

By centralizing all your necessary work tools and resources in a single platform, liftOS assists in streamlining your workflow and removing the time-consuming process of switching between various apps and tabs. Say goodbye to wasted minutes hunting for crucial documents or overlooking task updates – everything you require is easily accessible.

Seamless Integration

liftOS is designed to play nicely with the tools and platforms you already use, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your Google Workspace, Miro boards, and other productivity apps. This means you can access and interact with all your essential tools without having to leave the liftOS workspace.

Customizable Workspace

We each have distinct preferences and ways of working. That’s why liftOS offers flexibility for you to personalize your workspace according to your requirements. Whether it’s customizing folders, adding preferred apps, or modifying the layout and color theme, you can adjust the platform to enhance your productivity and comfort.

Centralized Search and Access

One of the challenges of contemporary work involves the ongoing difficulty in locating necessary files, notes, and information. liftOS streamlines this process by enabling you to search through all your connected tools and resources, guaranteeing swift access to the data you require, regardless of its storage location.

Key Features of liftOS

Project Management

Create, assign, and monitor your projects, tasks, and deadlines effortlessly in the liftOS workspace. Keep track of your team’s advancements, schedule reminders, and guarantee everyone is on the same page regarding project objectives and timelines.

Wiki Builder

Collaborate with your team to record company procedures, processes, and institutional knowledge using the user-friendly wiki builder. This interface, similar to Notion, simplifies the creation and organization of your documentation, guaranteeing that your team can always access the necessary information.

File Management

Arrange and reach your essential documents, media, and files easily through the liftOS system. Connect with Google Workspace for seamless access to your Google Drive, Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Collaborate with your team by utilizing Miro’s digital whiteboards.

Customizable Workspace

Customize your liftOS workspace according to your individual preferences and work style. Personalize folders, include preferred apps, modify the layout and color scheme, and even choose a background or wallpaper to personalize the platform as your own.

Centralized Search

Locating the files, notes, and information you require should not be a hassle. Using liftOS, you can search through all your connected tools and resources efficiently, easily finding the data you need, regardless of its storage location.

Why Choose liftOS?

In today’s rapidly advancing digital environment, productivity and organization play crucial roles. liftOS provides a complete solution that integrates essential tools and features to simplify your workflow, reduce interruptions, and maintain your efficiency. Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur managing various projects, a team supervisor overseeing diverse initiatives, or a remote employee handling the complexities of remote teamwork, liftOS offers the capabilities and adaptability to enhance your effectiveness without increasing your workload.


The liftOS pricing includes three plans:

  • Starter plan: Free
  • Business Plan (Ideal for growing startups and teams): €16 per user per month
  • Enterprise Plan (Designed for larger teams): Contact for customized pricing.


In a time when our digital tools and resources may occasionally seem more like obstacles rather than aids, liftOS emerges as a significant innovation. By combining all your necessary work tools into one adaptable workspace, this effective productivity package enables you to work more intelligently, not more strenuously, and reach your objectives with enhanced efficiency and concentration.

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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