The best way for a start up enterprise to make themselves known is to focus their efforts on climbing the ranks of Google, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This way, when their user base or prospective customer types a relevant keyword into the search bar, their business is more likely to show up first. For Google to credit your business with high domain authority, there are things it looks for other than page traffic – like strong links that aren’t too long, your website’s speed and uptimes, secure website connection, and that it is mobile friendly. Read on below for helpful tips on helping your company rise to the top.

Be Strategic About Your Links

Part of establishing a professional online presence is ensuring all your links are working; broken links impede the user experience and as a result, your reliability. When naming links, select them carefully and ensure the link name is relevant to the content it leads to. Finally, keep them under five words, ideally between three and five.

Keep Your Content Relevant

If you don’t keep up with regular content generation and website activities, you won’t get noticed – not by Google or your target market. If your content is strong, a digestible length (for video and text), speaks to your mission and branding, and is posted at a rate people can expect, you’re off to a great start. Do your research to see what’s new and exciting in your industry and how your company is doing its part to bring that to your clients. Content that is well-written and well-curated is what will have users coming back for more and may even entice them to make a purchase too.

Partner With A Strong Local Web Host

The good thing about signing on with a competent web hosting service is that many aspects of maintaining good SEO will already be taken care of; this includes optimization of your site for all mobile devices and exceptional speed thanks to low density servers. HostPapa web hosting services — to give just one example — even provide their clients with Premium Wildcard SSL and associated certificates, so both your customers and Google itself will see you make website security a priority. Moreover, if your customer base is local, and uses a local search engine like Google Canada, partnering with a local host will boost your SEO for that search engine, and visibility for the audience that matters.

There’s little point to a suave-looking site if nobody will ever come across it. You must not only have a site that sells your business well, but you’ve got to ensure it gets in front of the right people – the users that will provide you with conversions. It’s therefore imperative to entice them with what you post, make your site accessible to them from any device, and take steps to give your site the best readability by Google’s analytics standards. Get yourself noticed by the right users, and don’t underestimate the importance a great web host plays in making that happen.

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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