The frequent business travelers must ensure many things before they start traveling by air, road, and sea. The weather and air quality do affect your travel, which is the natural cause and unpredictable. It is advisable to sue the latest apps for travel purpose to make sure you reach safely to your destination without any difficulties.

The below mentioned apps can change the way you travel smartly with your Smartphone or iPhone.

  1. Google Maps

The most used mapping mobile app is Google Maps. It is developed by Google and widely used in 220 nations and 15,000 cities. This is a free app, and it will benefit more for the business travelers. The below mentioned are its major features.

  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Downloaded maps
  • Public transit information
  • Sync Google account to Google Maps
  • Street view
  • Voice-guided GPS navigation

Compatible Device – Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Android Version – 4.4 and above

You can get real-time position within 50 to 100 meters accuracies. It is advisable to check Google Maps are legal in your country before downloading this weather app.

  1. Oanda Currency Converter

The businessperson traveling to the foreign nation will find difficulties to calculate the foreign currency exchange rates. You must get the present value or currency exchange rate. If you wish to see the today’s rate and calculate with your nation’s currency, the Oanda Currency is the best currency converter app.

The business travelers can make a budget and keep sufficient amount as per the different nation’s exchange rates. It allows you to calculate the currency exchange rates of 26-major counties in this world.

  1. Uber

Landing in a different city will make you confusion to hire a taxi. The local taxi service in that region may charge you a higher price. The Uber is a popular taxi service having global presence. You can hire them with Uber App and reach safely to your destination.

You can use your credit card, make payment, and save some liquid cash in a foreign nation. This is a free app works on all android devices, iPhone and Windows phone. A valid e-mail ID and phone number are enough to register in Uber after downloading on your android devices.

  1. FlightAware

Traveling through air is most difficult than any other mode of transportation. This is because your flight may be delayed or canceled. You will be simply wasting your time at the airport. You can get real-time flight information for the air travelers.

The FlightAware is the best flight-tracking app. It is free and simple to register online on all android devices. You can also plan your business trip with weather forecast features available on FlightAware app. You can track major commercial and private flights on this user-friendly flight-tracking app.

  1. Dark Sky

The weather and air quality do affect your flight travel. The Dark Sky is the best for frequent travelers to plan your business tour with the right forecast. You can get instant notification of the weather forecast in your place. You can plan your business trip by checking the weather forecast in advance through this user-friendly weather app. The biggest advantage of this app is it gives the present time weather details with accuracy.

The people traveling on business purpose must make use of the above-mentioned user-friendly apps. It will make your travel without any inconvenience. Today, we have the technology, and we have to use them smartly from our smartphones. These apps are free and simple to download and start instant tracking, receiving alerts and saving your location.

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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