Forget the widely circulated gibberish online about land-based casinos in decline all over the world. Yes, online gambling indeed is dominating the casino industry. But on closer look, online casinos are taking casinos to the home of those who wouldn’t visit the brick and mortar casinos because of one reason or the other according to Casino Bernie.

The big players are still hitting the brick and mortar casinos. There is no substitute for the gaming experience that one gets from these land-based casinos.

According to, Online casinos are aiding the land-based casinos because they help to remove the notion that casino is a sinister activity engaged in by criminals. More and more people are becoming interested in land-based casinos as a result of online casinos.

In Canada, there are casinos all over its 10 provinces. The first casino in Canada opened in Winnipeg in 1989. Since the mark of that landmark, hundreds of casinos have been built.

Here are some of the best land-based casinos in Canada.

  1. River Rock Casino Resort (British Columbia)

The resort has arguably the best brick and mortar casino in Canada. Owned by the Great Canadian Gaming, an average of 10 thousand people come to the casino daily. This is a huge number for a said to be a declining sector.

You can play all kinds of casino games at the River Rock Casino Resort including slot games, and table games. If you get tired and need a place to lounge, the resort has a hotel to solve your accommodation problems.

The casino has hosted several casino championships including the British Columbia Poker Championship. It is also used as a scene for casino films.

  • Casino Niagara

Casino Niagra has been around for over 25 years. It is one of the best and trusted land-based casinos in Canada. You enjoy non-stop casino excitement and merriment. A lot of visitors as part of their Niagra tourism come to the casino to catch some live action and win money if they are lucky.

The casino floor is huge and has 30 casino tables and 13 thousand plus slot machines. If you are a big roller, there is a more private poker room available for you. There are four restaurants available as side attractions if you go hungry and need to grab a bite or more.

Take note that the casino has a strict shoe and cloth policy.

  • Casino de Montreal (Quebec)

Casino de Montreal has a gigantic 526,488 square feet of casino space making it one of the biggest casinos in th world. For a casino that large, you can expect a crowd of visitors. At a rough estimate, Casino de Montreal averages almost 20 thousand visitors daily.

The casino is well stocked with slot games and table games. It is friendly for beginners with clear instructions on how to play.  There are over 3,000 gambling machines and 111 table games. Also, it has four gourmet casinos.

If you go hungry or need a drink, restaurants and bars are offering irrestible menus at the casino.  The hospitality at Casino de Montreal is top class. As you play, waiters come to serve you complimentary drinks. Bills on the house.

  • Hard Rock Casino, Vancouver (British Columbia)

Hard Rock Casino is the largest casino in British Columbia in terms of square feet with over 80,000 square feet of casino grounds. The casino offers a rich wealth of casino games including 70 casino tables and 1,000 slot machines. There are also some rooms reserved for high rollers and those who want to play privately.

Hard Rock Casino is popular for a large number of restaurants around it and their lovely cuisines. It also has a 1,000 seat theatre for acting and other shows.

  • Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino (Ontario)

This casino is not too far off from Detroit in the US. As a result, many Americans visit this casino to enjoy their favorite casino activities. Young people who are yet to reach the age eligibility for US casinos (21) visit this casino with an age requirement of 19.

The casino floor has many casino tables, slot machines, and a 14-table room exclusively for poker. Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino is famous for its entertainment. The hotel has over 700 rooms.

Casino Rama (Ontario)

Ass one of the oldest casinos in Canada, Casino Rama is tested and trusted. It does not have a large casino gaming space like the others on our list but it can still offer an amazing casino experience. Casino Rama has over 100 casino tables and 2,500 slot machines available to players.

It also has a restaurant offering different culinary options and a luxury hotel.

Conclusion These land-based casinos all have impressive numbers of table games and slot machines. They also receive thousands of visitors daily. They are some of the best in Canada.

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