Whether you have your own experts or need to consult an IT firm, we’ve got you covered with the 5 tips to ward off hackers

Now more than ever, businesses of all sizes are threatened with cybersecurity breaches. Hackers are more vigilant and are able to exploit even the smallest gap in your cybersecurity arsenal. You may be considering a complete revamp of your firewall and other security measures. If you are confused about which cybersecurity tools your business needs, it is best to consult an IT firm for help. 

With so many individuals working from home, many businesses are more open to potential hackers than ever before. If you have recently experienced a cyber attack or are trying to ensure one doesn’t happen in the future, keep reading.

Hire an IT Firm to Evaluate the Effectiveness Your Current Security Measures

If you are in need of some serious IT expertise, you can always reach out to a local IT firm for assistance

A skilled IT professional will help boost your security and set your company on the right path.

If you are unsure of where to start when it comes to improving your company’s cyber security, you may want to consider contacting an IT firm. A skilled IT professional will be able to assess your company’s needs and create a plan to keep your business secure. Depending on how your employees work, either on site or remotely, and the sensitivity of the internal information, you may have to completely overhaul your security system. Because this is such a large undertaking, it is always advisable to contact an IT firm to help protect your data and establish a security plan moving forward.

Secure Your Networks

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to network security

Every company has blind spots in their cybersecurity. The sooner you can identify them, the better.

Many companies are wondering how to keep their data safe in an age where it is less and less common to have employees and physical data storage onsite. However, working remotely or moving your data to the cloud does not have to expose your company to potential hackers. Any time you or one of your employees connects to a public wireless network, your data is at risk. By installing a firewall and encrypting your sensitive information, you can know for sure your data is protected even when exposed to several different WiFi networks. In order to protect your data even when working on the go, think about investing in a portable hotspot with a hidden network. This way, you can continue working from anywhere without fear of a data break due to an unsecure WiFi network.

Update All Software

Though this may seem obvious, updating all of your software is one of the most important security steps a business can take

Pay attention to software update notifications.

It may seem like software updates are a constant nuisance, and it can be tempting to ignore updates when they appear. However, this has the potential to put your company at risk. A great step to take is to update all desktop applications pertaining to your business and ensure all of the company’s devices have been updated. If you use custom software, you may want to contact an IT firm to help you get 100% up to date. This task could take a long time, so make sure to establish a plan that allows you to carefully update every piece of software used for your business while still maintaining the same output. Full system updates can be tricky to work around, but can majorly improve your cybersecurity in the long term.

Upgrade Password Security for All Employees

Educate your staff and use authentication factors to increase company wide password security

Poor password security is one of the most common ways hackers can steal data.

When it comes to password security, it can never be taken too seriously. If you are not enforcing universal password security at your workplace, you may be vulnerable to hackers. Instructing your employees on proper password creation and protection is a good place to start improving your cybersecurity. Make sure your employees know not to use the same passwords for multiple accounts and make sure that passwords are strong enough to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data. 

Another effective way to increase password security is by implementing authentication factors. Authentication factors verify all employee logins by contacting them in a way only they can verify. For example, a common form of milt-factor authentication involves an automatic phone call sent to the employee who is trying to log on. The employee must answer the phone call in order to log on, verifying that the attempted logon is from the correct person. Once this measure is introduced, your security will no longer be in the hands of individual employee passwords. 

Train All Employees to Avoid Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are meant to trick you, so it is important all employees trained to avoid them

Those who are unaware of phishing scams are the most vulnerable.

A phishing scam, according to the FTC, is an email or a text message that prompts you to enter confidential information under the guise of legitimate business. These scams can jeopardize your sensitive data with a single mistaken click from an uninformed staff member. Because these scams can have such dire consequences if they are believed to be legitimate, it is important to train all employees on how to recognize and avoid phishing scams. You can start by organizing a phishing training session that educates your team on all of the different phishing tactics and common examples of how to identify these scams. Another way to spread the word about phishing scams is to create a simulation for your team members. A phishing simulation involves sending out a mock phishing email and taking note of those employees who report the message as a scam. If the results of the simulation are unsatisfactory, you can use mistakes as additional learning opportunities.Now is the time to find out if you need to take any of the steps listed above to ward off cyber attacks. If you need help assessing your company’s current security setup, you can contact a skilled IT firm to review your security measures. You may also want to call a company wide meeting to discuss any questions or concerns about cybersecurity to make sure your team is on the same page. Once you have addressed all your security concerns, you are now up to date and can rest assured that your data is safe from hackers.

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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