Introduction : The tradeshows may be a costly but advantageous endeavor, and nearly every small company reaches a stage when the entrepreneur must determine in case the moment is appropriate to make investment and display at the trade show. Not to mention, this particular decision is actually dictated in portion by readiness of company’s services and products, and also the market possibility.

Once your decision is done to move ahead, you will find several actions a small business proprietor can take which will enhance her or his chance for achievement. If you need a stand then you can seek custom design for exhibition stands in New Delhi as well. Listed below are simply a few ideas to take full advantage of your “trade-show” experience:

  • Try Making A Newsworthy Statement:

Possibly the day of show tends to coincide with product launch or new collaboration with a business which also tends to be exhibiting in the show – converting it into a bigger announcement throughout the event may draw interest to your business from both potential customers and media in attendance. In case you discover your primary media “targets” will likely be attending, request the show coordinator if you may pass on the information to media prior to the show as well as consider providing them a special before the date of release.

  • Have A Party!

The “trade-show” is an excellent place to amuse existing potential prospects and customers. Hire a suite in the hotel as well as offer an open bar. In case budget becomes a factor, then invite choose prospects or customers to hotel “bar” at a designated time. Not to mention, the goodwill you’ve created will greater than pay for bar tab.

  • Spruce Up The Brand:

The time has come you need to splurge on slick brochure, given that can be the sole takeaway – the attendee may have, besides the business card. When other employees are going to be meeting you at the show, think about wearing a similar polo shirt with the logo of your company. This will highlight your consistency and professionalism.

  • Identify The Partners:

The trade shows can be a fantastic place to develop your business through building partnerships. On the other hand, the floor can be a “fertile” ground intended for companies which can assist you to sell services or move product. Perhaps your business has a specific thing they need. Communicate instantly and identify exactly what each business can get from the partnership. Deals may be completed personally within hours, while it might take several weeks to make a deal through conference calls and email.


Within a few days right after you come back home from conference, try to round up everyone involved and record the experience. So was your show worth this? What would you have completed in a different way? Should you come back the coming year or think about other trade shows? Most likely, the conference informed you more regarding your company as well as its potential clients than you assumed before. Try to use that detail to make the next “trade-show” a better experience.



Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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