These days a lot of handy and useful gadgets are available in the market which makes the life of small business owners and young entrepreneurs quite easy. One such device is a Fin Tech company based out of Berlin, Germany called SumUp which can easily make your life more manageable and easier. It is a credit card reader which uses the PIN and Chip technology and it is available at a very affordable price.

SumUp is a very trustworthy and reliable tool that can easily solve the money handling and payment problems in the present digital era and it is especially beneficial for medium and small sized companies and can help people save money by using their low transaction fees.

The set-up of this device is quite easy to follow and all the transactions are visible. Apparently, it is visible with all debit and credit card terminals and it can be efficiently used to keep track of the sales and purchases. It is available at an economical flat rate of 2.65% and it presents you the pre-set rate without any kind of additional costs.

Features of SumUp that you should know

There are a lot of exciting features of this application.
Some of them are mentioned below :


  • Checkout features


The application accepts various cards through SumUp Air reader. However, it cannot accept cheques, vouchers or any other kind of special payments. Taxes can be easily shown on the receipt once you activate it in settings. After each transaction is made, you will have an option to send the receipt via text or email or perhaps print a paper receipt.


  • Analytics and report


It has an online dashboard which shows an overview of the sales information within the span of time you have selected. You can easily export the history of sales for accounting purposes in the form of a CSV file from a particular week, day or month. The reports of the pay out are sent through Email once the settlements have been completed.


  • Product management


You can easily predefine the products, images and prices. Any product that you would add will be shown in the application menu and you just have to tap on them to checkout.  It is also possible to create varied category levels which can be shown in separate tabs through which you can easily switch between as per your convenience.


  • Refunds


With the help of SumUp , you can easily refund a complete transaction through the original payment method. Besides this, you would also be able to refund a partial transaction amount. If the customer has paid through a particular card, then the payment would be processed to that particular card. Well, the refund can only be processed if there exist enough balance in the merchant’s account.


  • Staff accounts


With SumUp , you get an option to make multiple logins of staff with some primary restrictions. The restrictions that you can make is whether the member of staff can view the transaction history and the other one is if they are able to process the refunds. In the account of SumUp , the transactions can easily be sorted as per the user such that the monitoring of the sales can easily be done.

What are the PROs of SumUp?


  • It is available at a very cheap transaction rate


The following application is quite trending these days due to the fact that it is available at a very cheap transaction rate. Besides this, it comes with a very easy card reading options for the customers. This device is advantageous to a wide group of people such as who own a small café or someone who is travelling.


  • It is backed by reputed brands


It is available across most of Europe and South America. It is backed by reputed brands such as American express, BBVA Ventures, Groupon etc. If you own a small scale business, then SumUp is a great option for you as it is quite an authentic product that you should definitely try out and has proven to help merchants save money and time.


  • Its usage is going to grow in the coming future


It is expected that the usage of this application is going to grow as it is backed with excellent customer support that will always be there to help in in-between the hours of 9am – 7pm EST.

Final words

SumUp is a very good payment device. In present time, it has a very few complaints and it offers affordable and transparent contract terms.

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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