What is SFTPCloud ?

By utilizing cloud-based SFTP management, a company can maintain control and protect all file transfers, while also accessing tools that make it effortless to handle numerous connections. The usage of SFTP cloud solutions, which involve utilizing cloud-based servers to transfer data via SFTP, is widespread. Cloud SFTP combines the advantages of SFTP and cloud technology, offering users the ability to flexibly manage their data and file transfers with added security and web-based access.


Users can easily transfer data between remote systems over the internet using file transfer protocols. SFTP, one of these protocols, provides a secure method for transferring files and folders. Due to its security features, SFTP is considered the perfect option for users.


  • Access cloud-based storage such as AWS S3, GCS, Azure Blob, and more through SFTP/FTPS.
  • Get immediate access to secure and easily-managed SFTP/FTPS servers located in both the United States and Europe, with no complications or difficulties.
  • Best for Developers
  • Alternative to SFTP To Go


  • SFTP protocol
  • FTPS protocol
  • Webhooks
  • Email notifications
  • S3 access
  • Custom domain
  • Static IPs

Using SFTPCloud, it is possible to swiftly generate a new instance of SFTP/FTPS by simply providing a name and selecting the desired storage option.

You can quickly create managed SFTP/FTPS instances in the US or Europe with SFTPCloud. All you have to do is name the instance, choose your preferred storage, and let SFTPCloud take care of the rest. In addition, SFTPCloud encrypts data in transit and is compatible with all SFTP/FTPS clients.

You can choose to utilize the storage provided by SFTPCloud or connect to your personal cloud storage account.

You can choose to store your data in various cloud-based SFTP/FTPS instances, such as AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, or other compatible S3 storage providers.

You have the option to either use your own personal cloud storage account or make use of the storage provided by SFTPCloud.

With a simple click of a few buttons, you have the ability to acquire an SFTP/FTPS instance that is powered by leading cloud storage providers such as AWS S3, Wasabi, DigitalOcean Spaces, Backblaze, IDrive e2, and Azure Blob Storage.

Using SFTPCloud, it becomes easier for you to organize and control various details associated with SFTP users, including their usernames, passwords, directories, and methods of authentication.

SFTPCloud offers detailed user management, giving you the ability to create, modify, and delete SFTP/FTPS users. You have the flexibility to personalize each user’s login methods, protocols, public keys, and permissions while keeping track of their active connections in real-time. Furthermore, you can set individual limits for bandwidth and storage usage for each user to distinguish between different levels or tiers.


There are several advantages to utilizing SFTP for file transfer.

Single-Port Transfer

SFTP uses a different port to transmit information, making it more vulnerable to interception and obstruction by a middleman attack.

Data Encryption

The file cannot be accessed by anyone without the correct SSH key because it is encrypted using SFTP for data transfer.


SFTP requires clients to authenticate before they can access data. The authentication methods employed by SFTP are the same as SSH, which include a combination of user ID and password.

Data Integrity Checks

SFTP conducts data integrity and authenticity verifications during every file transfer to guarantee that the data remains unchanged.

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