In a factory setting, robots on the factory floor carry out as many tasks as they can. This is made possible by the fact that you can change parts of the robot. The part that allows robots to perform different functions is the end effector.

The end effector is also known as the end of arm tooling. It is a removable tool, fashioned for the robot to carry out a specific function. For example, for the robot to perform a pick and place task, it needs an end effector that can pick products and drop them off at a different location.

There are robot end effectors for all tasks you would want your robot to handle in a factory.

Benefits Of Using The Right End Effector On Your Robots

Speed and Efficiency

For proper functioning, you need to fix the right robot end effector on your robots. This ensures that your robots work as efficiently as possible.

When you bring a robot to the factory, you must identify the tasks it will handle. For each task, make sure that you have the right robot end effector. This ensures that you get the advantage of the speed and efficiency that robots offer.

With the right end of arm tooling, your robot will perform its functions fast and efficiently.

High-Quality Products

The right robot end effector ensures that you get the best quality product from your robotic production process. For example, you may need to provide your robot with vision capabilities. You will need the right laser robot vision to check the quality of the products. Without it, the robot will likely allow defective products to be packed as ready for market.

The right robot end-effector produces a product as it should be. Thus, you need to have the right tooling at all times.

Allows Your Robot To Perform Multiple Tasks In The Factory

Robot end-effectors make sure that robots can perform as many tasks in the factory as possible. This is because robot end effectors are changeable. For every task that you allocate a single robot in your factory, you should have a corresponding end of arm tooling.

For collaborative robots, their robot end effectors are easy to change. This means that production doesn’t have to stall as robot operators change the effectors. Thus allowing for a quick change over for the robots from one task to another.

Streamlines Production Processes

There are different types of robot end effectors. Sometimes, you can use some of them interchangeably. However, you need to have the right type of effector. For example, in a pick and place task, you could use a gripper or a suction end effector for the same process. But, depending on the product, either would be better suited for the task.

So, when choosing a robot end effector, factories need to properly understand their production processes and their products. This then allows robot integrators to advise on the best end effectors to use for their products and processes.

Therefore, different factories may have similar production processes but end up using different end effectors. Making production as smooth as possible for the different products in production.

Easy To Have A Custom Made Robot End Effector

In the process of assessing the type of robot end-effector you need, you may find that your production process is unique. That none of the available end of arm tooling are effective for your process or product.

Upon discussion with your robot integrator, you can likely have a custom-made end effector for your process manufactured. Allowing you the proper use and benefit of having a robot in your factory.


Robot end-effectors are important parts of robots. The right end effector transforms the quality of products and the production process. Thus, factories need to assess their production needs properly to get the right end effectors on their robots.

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