In the bygone era, kids usually have the spark to explore the gaming world. Days have changed now; the technological revolution allowed mobile gaming as an experience for even grown-ups. We were used to hear advices from all quarters about the harms of online gaming, which are mere conjectures.

There are always two sides to a coin. Lots of players do not know about the importance of playing online gaming. There’s a positive impact of online gaming on every player. You know something; playing games will enhance a person’s capability at work. From kids to people at work, there is a great following for online games. Players inadvertently acquire certain skills when they play online games like 13 card rummy and poker. This blog attempts to showcase the positives of playing online gaming. To be more precise- It is about how you workplace life is influenced by playing online games.


An extensive range of online games are available now. When you start playing a game, your complete focus turns into the game. People start living as the character in the game. When you play, you look for a win. When you live the game, you look at different strategies to overcome the obstacles. That’s when you think about many possibilities to win. It is the main reason why games like PubG, Fortnite, Battleground are extremely popular in the gaming circles.

In many of the games in this action/adventure genre, players need to take many spontaneous decisions. When you are at office, your spontaneity will come in to aid whenever you are put on a fix. You know you have to make the right call. For example, let’s pick Indian Rummy game online; a player must take a lot of decisions during the game. These decision-making abilities help a person in real life.

The Leader:

In the corporate cultural set up, people are expected to be leaders at some point of their carreer. However, the leader’s task is not just leading the team professionally. Leadership skills go beyond that. From motivating the team to consistently perform at their best of abilities to proving your expertise in crisis situations, a leader has his bag full all the time. Though people say leadership is ingrained from birth, not many in the corporate industry are born leaders. There are other ways to upgrade you into an inspirational leader.

Did you online games help you develop your leadership qualities? Online gamers always need to have a cool head to tackle any kind of adversities that may come. For example, while playing online rummy, you are not guaranteed to get a good hand every time. Whenever you get a bad hand or have landed in a crisis situation, you need to think out of the box to solve it.


The most expected quality in a person at a workplace- Excellence. Being the best in work needs smartness, calmness, and excellence. You need to have a better success record if you want to progress further in your career. You have to achieve your targets at work; for this completing your targets in your game will boost your confidence. Success in an online game needs a perfect plan. Let’s again refer to Online Rummy. A player has a set of steps to succeed. A player must be smart enough to win in an online rummy game. The game needs a lot of focus and smartness to win. There are many decisions to be made every minute in a rummy game. Just imagine how fast the player must decide within their given time. That’s why card game players are so much efficient at work.

Hope you could relate online gaming and real-life situations. Are you thinking about playing online games? To make it easier, I would like to suggest you with the best option in online gaming. I had already hinted about this in the body of the blog. Yes, I would recommend people playing online rummy to make it big in both online gaming and real life. Playing rummy has become quite simple, download rummy app now and get playing on the move.

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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