Do you find difficulty with your current internet or telephone connections and wish to replace it with a fast and reliable connection? Well, this is not only the case with you as many of the people; too, experience it when they need the connection most. In order to solve this problem, national broadband network which is a wholesaler of open-accessing of data network projects include radio communication and wired components so as to provide customers with reliable services. The retailers typically internet service supplier contract with NBN so as to have full access over the network and sell end user with a fixed internet accessing.

NBN technologies:

The NBN network includes wired communication networks such as the hybrid fibre-coaxial and copper, optical networks and radio communication such as the wireless network and satellite networks. They also sold access for telecommunication backhaul to telecommunication mobile providers.

The MTM comprises:

Wired communication:

Fibre to the node or FTTN- It is a mixed combination of optical/copper technology with minimum speed of 25 Mbit/s. It replaces FTTP and provide most of the NBN connections.

Fibre to the premises- They are available for Greenfield build ups

Hybrid fibre-coaxial or HFC- It was upgraded to FTTC and being maintained by the Telstra HFC

Radio communication:

Sky muster satellite network

Fixed wireless

Technology choice program:

It provides various options to users for up-gradation of the technology and for areas except HFC connection. Given below are areas that you need to switch-

  • FTTN to FTTP
  • FTTB to FTTP
  • Fixed wireless to fibre to the premises
  • Fixed wireless to fibre to the node
  • Fixed wireless to fibre to the bulding
  • Satellite to the fixed wireless network
  • Satellite to FTTP
  • Satellite to FTTN
  • Satellite to FTTB
  • Individual premises to the fibre to the premises

How national broadband network works?

FTTP- It is considered of the best connection network as it make use of optical cable that fed signals directly to customers home for more reliable services at a faster speed

FTTN- These are optical fibre cable that are fed into small box which is known as a node and gets installed somewhere on street corners which then connects to users home via existing copper lines

FTTB- If you live in block sized apartment then you can make use of the FTTB cable that connects user to NBN through specialized nodes in the building’s basement.

FTTC- FTTN is similar to game changer NBN but the only differ is that it gets connected to node which services entire street and deliver super fast and dedicated services outside your premises

Fixed wireless- If you live and work in rural areas, then fixed wireless option is the best as it uses radio signals that gets transmitted to broadband data to equipment installed inside the building

How to purchase plan?

You can directly visit the official website “” and start finding the options that enables you to get your internet service plan at a reasonable price. Moreover, you can replace your current network with other kind of network just by making a call to the NBN team members.

Get up and replace your current network if you aren’t satisfied with it with NBN services.

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