xCloud simplifies the process of setting up and deploying WordPress sites on various cloud/VPS servers. Its standout feature includes automating server setup and WordPress installation, removing the necessity for manual configuration. By simply clicking a few times, users can launch a WordPress website on their chosen cloud service provider like Vultr, GCP, or DigitalOcean.

The platform not only handles SSL certificate setup, server monitoring, resizing, and plugin updates but also ensures hassle-free website management. xCloud’s intuitive interface and automation features simplify the process of hosting and managing WordPress sites, catering to both beginners and experienced developers.

Seamless Connections with Cloud Providers and Email Services

xCloud provides easy integration with leading cloud services such as Vultr, GCP, DigitalOcean, and more. Users can choose their preferred cloud provider and quickly set up their websites with minimal effort. By migrating multiple websites to xCloud Hosting without additional charges, users can benefit from the platform’s comprehensive server migration functionality.

In addition to integrating with cloud providers, xCloud also simplifies email management by integrating with services such as Mailgun, SendGrid, and Elasticemail. Users can effortlessly establish and optimize communication directly from the xCloud dashboard, eliminating the necessity for separate email management platforms.

Ease of DNS Management with xCloud

The xCloud platform simplifies the management of domains and DNS records, offering seamless integration with Cloudflare, AWS, and DO Space for efficient DNS management. Users can easily handle domain settings and DNS records directly from the xCloud interface, ensuring a straightforward and accessible experience.

Seamless Data Storage: Incorporating AWS and DO Spaces Integration

xCloud facilitates connections with well-known storage solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DigitalOcean Spaces (DO Spaces), an S3-compatible storage service. This feature enables users to effortlessly store their data either locally or remotely. Users benefit from complete control over server configurations, along with straightforward root access, streamlining the process of managing data storage.

Full Server Control: Root Privileges and Advanced Functionalities

xCloud grants users full control of their servers with simple root access. This enables developers to perform essential configurations and customizations without constraints. Ranging from MySQL database management to Nginx servers and Redis caching, the advanced capabilities of xCloud empower developers to enhance server performance based on their unique requirements.

The service also includes a user-friendly Git repository cloning feature, allowing developers to easily duplicate their repositories for testing or development needs. Moreover, xCloud offers a complete server migration functionality at no additional charge, simplifying the process of transferring multiple websites from shared hosting or alternative platforms.

Real-Time and Alert Systems for Maximizing Performance

Keeping track of server performance is essential for ensuring top website speed and uptime. By utilizing xCloud’s real-time monitoring alerts, users can easily oversee their servers and get notified as needed. This guarantees timely resolution of any problems or possible downtime, reducing disruptions for website visitors.

Enhancing Site Security and Management with xCloud

Ensuring top-notch security is crucial in WordPress website management. xCloud provides various security features such as complimentary SSL certificates for extra safeguarding. Users can conveniently handle site paths through Path Redirects, enabling them to steer traffic as needed. With xCloud’s streamlined data management, users can effortlessly backup their sites on remote storage for increased security and assurance. The platform also offers prompt notifications for WordPress plugin and theme updates, guaranteeing websites are consistently equipped with the newest features and security fixes.

Advanced Lifetime Features: Bulk Site Migration, Staging Environment, and More

  • Bulk Site Migration: xCloud enables users to effortlessly migrate multiple websites from different hosting providers or shared hosting platforms. This specialized feature or plugin streamlines the entire migration process, guaranteeing a seamless transition without any complications.
  • Staging Environment Setup Prior to Launch: Using xCloud, individuals can establish staging environments for their websites before pushing them live. This functionality empowers developers to experiment with modifications or enhancements without affecting the live site, thereby minimizing risks or downtime.
  • Self or Fully Managed Server Deployment: xCloud provides users with the choice to deploy either self-managed or fully managed servers according to their specific preferences or needs. Users retain full control over server setup, with the additional option of selecting fully managed servers for effortless maintenance.
  • Dedicated IP Included: xCloud offers a dedicated IP with its lifetime plans to boost performance and security. This feature guarantees that websites hosted on xCloud have their exclusive IP address.
  • Root Access & Source via SSH: xCloud provides developers with easy root access, enabling them to navigate server configurations via SSH (Secure Shell). This level of access offers maximum flexibility in managing server settings.
  • Unlimited Database Storage Capacity: With xCloud’s lifetime plans, users can increase their database storage capacity without any restrictions. This flexibility allows for seamless management of multiple websites and large databases, ensuring there are no limitations on data storage.

Unlocking the Lifetime Deal for xCloud: Plans and Pricing

xCloud offers a lifetime deal that provides users with access to various plans and pricing options:

– Entry Plan ($99):

  • Saving 79% (Originally $2880+)
  • Suitable for 2 Servers

– Budget Plan ($299):

  • Saving 83% (Originally $1800+)
  • Suitable for 7 Servers

– Growth Plan ($599):

  • Saving 79% (Originally $2880+)
  • Suitable for 15 Servers

– Performance Plan ($999):

  • Saving 81% (Originally $5400+)
  • Suitable for 50 Servers


xCloud is a comprehensive solution that streamlines WordPress hosting and website management. Offering robust automation capabilities, seamless integrations with cloud providers and email services, simplified DNS management, effortless data storage options, advanced features such as bulk site migration and staging environments, real-time monitoring and alerts, enhanced site security measures, and appealing lifetime deals, xCloud stands out as a revolutionary force in the realm of WordPress hosting. Simplify your WordPress website management today with xCloud!

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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