If you are a fan of cricket and belong to England or Australia you certainly know about The Ashes. It is one of the most anticipated events of cricket and after the conclusion of the Cricket World Cup 2019, fans have their eyes on The Ashes trophy 2019. It is not only an attractive tournament for cricket fans but for the betting enthusiasts as well. This event provides a handsome opportunity to win profits if you know how to bet strategically in the game.

The history of The Ashes goes far beyond and this article is definitely not about history so you check this link to know more about where the term comes from and how did England and Australia end up playing this 5-day test tournament known as The Ashes.

The Ashes Tournament Format

England and Australia play a test series of 5 matches every other year to win a trophy. Whichever country wins the tournament gets the trophy and the same country will organize the series the next time. If the match ends up in a draw then the country having possession of the trophy previously will get to keep the trophy for the following year as well.

Currently, Australia has the possession of the trophy as they have won The Ashes in 2017-2018 series. Let’s see who will win The Ashes of this year. You can download the betway app and start exploring the world of online sports betting with just a few clicks.


Betting on The Ashes 2019

A number of cricket tournaments get betting offers from the bookies all around the world. But such smaller events are not covered by the major sports betting websites. This is not the case with The Ashes as it is the most anticipated event of the cricket. You will find the odds of this event on almost every bookmaker website and you have so many options in betting to choose from. Some of these options are described below:

1.    Top Player

The best betting option that I like the most is betting on the top batsman or bowler. If you have a gut feeling that a particular player is going to break the record or will help the team win, you can place your wager on that player either batsman or bowler. The top players usually have lower odds but occasionally such players are not set low enough so you can take advantage of that.

2.    The Winning Team

You can simply place your bet on the team that you think will win the series or a particular match. You can also bet when the draw is excluded and the bet gets refunded if it is a draw. You can also bet on multiple possible outcomes of a match, with of course at fewer odds. This will give you more chances of winning.

3.    Other Options

Other than these basic betting options, you have various other options like the total score of a particular team or both the teams, the first century, highest innings, series doubles, etc.

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