A printer is an invaluable asset for the home. Take mattersintoyourown hands and print out essentialdocumentsfromthe comfort of your home. Here are fouradvantages of investing in a printer forthe home. Take someinspirationfromtheideas below toensureyour printer reachesits full potential.

1. Save time and money

You can save significantly by having a printer in the home. Instead of payingto print important documents, youcan print everythingyouneed at home withlittlefuss. In the long run, a printer andink cartridge willyieldgreatersavingsthanpaying per print at a print shop.

It will also ensure you avoid the risk of missing an important deadline by waiting in a queue or having to travel to print out something important. Additionally, ifyouchooseto print at an internet cafe or print shop, youwill end up paying at leasttwice more thanwhatyoumightspendbyprinting at home.

2. Productive tool for business owners

If you are a business owner, you don’t want to miss out on the convenience that a home printer provides. Get allyouraffairs in order byprinting important documents, contracts or traveldocuments in advance. Youcanalsouseitto print organisational tools such as calendars, planners andschedulessoyoudon’t miss any important dates.

It’s also a great way of adding a touch of professionalism to your brand by printing documents with letterhead or logo. Thiswillinstantlyrendercorrespondencepresentableand professional andwon’tcost a bomb.

A home business user will naturally be more price-conscious than the average person, so it’s advisable to opt for a printer with a lower print cost. For example, the HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 is one of thecheapestinkjet printers whenitcomesto low printingcosts. Notonly does it have a reasonableprice tag, but the low cost of theink cartridges it takes willensureyou get the most valueforyour money.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 takes the HP 953 ink cartridge, which is one of the most cost-efficient HP ink cartridges out there; this is because it comes with 23.5ml of ink. It will print up to 900 pages.

Business owners can reap even more savings from compatible printer ink brands, such as 123ink.ie. Their own-brand version of the HP 953 ink cartridge, for example, has a massive 64ml of ink, that’s 40.5ml more than the original ink cartridge, for a cheaper price.

3. Gives creative freedom to artists

Anyone in the creative field can benefit from having a printer in the home. Whetheryou’reprinting images foranupcoming art exhibition, or have a business thatrequiresprinted artwork. Havingcreative control over yourprinting jobs at your home willprovideyouwiththefreedomto take control of yourcreativevision. It willalso save you time and money in the long run.

Ifyouneedto print photos, many home inkjet printer modelscanprovide high photo-quality prints thatwill match a professional quality standard. Thisneedn’tjustapplytophotographerseither, youcanuseyour home printer to print holidayphotos or photos of family andfriends. Allyou’llneed is toinvest in somequalityphoto paper andbringthe images to life.

4. Helps children be creative and encourages learning

A printer can provide endless challenges and fun activities for children. Whenthey have access to a home printer, itallowsthemtoexpressthemselvesand print out somefuncraftideas. Whynot print out theirfavourite TV characters or themedcolouring pages toensurehours of fun.

As well as helping them complete their homework, a home printer can also be used as a great, free learning tool outside of the curriculum. Print out maps of theworld, funlearning games or help themtocreate a scrapbook of theirown. The possibilities are endlesswithanaccessible home printer!


Whatever your reasons for investing in a home printer, make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. Look for printers with a low cost per print and printer ink thatwill print the most amount of pages, like theaforementioned printer. Look out for more affordable compatible printer inkbrands like 123ink.ie, thatwill offer bothoriginalandown-brand printer cartridges forless.

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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