Cloud-based phone systems are the latest trend in telecommunications technology. If you own a business, and you’re tired of paying for a landline that doesn’t offer the flexibility and pricing you need to run your company, you should seriously consider making the switch to a digital phone system. Currently, 90% of businesses use some sort of cloud-based service, so if your company isn’t utilizing this innovative technology, you’re late to the party. Here is a look at some top benefits of cloud phone systems. 

International Calling 

Cloud-based phone systems use the internet, rather than relying on traditional phone lines. This means that you can place long-distance and international calls without having to pay any extra fees. This can be especially useful for companies who do business all over the world and want a reliable, cost-effective way to speak to business partners and team members overseas. With cloud technology, you can set up a line anywhere where there is the internet, so you never have to worry about locating a phone line just to communicate with business associates. 

Voicemail to email

Another major benefit of virtual phone numbers is how seamlessly it integrates with other communication platforms, such as email. Many digital phone services offer a voicemail to email feature that allows you to stay on top of all your important communications. The voicemail will be transcribed and also sent as a physical audio file to your email address. This allows you to keep all your important communications in one place and avoid having to pay extra money for space in a physical voice mailbox.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence is another major benefit of a cloud-based phone system. From speech to text features to natural language processing to sentimental analysis, there are a variety of unique ways that artificial intelligence can be used alongside cloud phone systems. Speech to text allows users to instantly transcribe conversations into a file that can be saved for future reference. Natural language processing allows the computer to understand what the caller is asking and bring up links and resources that may be useful. Sentiment analysis can be used to understand the intent behind a caller’s request and process the emotional subtext to avoid any misinterpretations of important communications. AI is the future of communication and cloud-based phone systems are best equipped to integrate with this revolutionary new technology. While traditional phone systems are equipped to handle regular vocal communications, these digital systems are better equipped to integrate with a wide array of emerging technologies and therefore are best suited for businesses looking toward the future. 

Anurag Choudhari is the co-founder of Geekenized Technologies LLP, a web development & digital marketing agency that helps various SMBs & SMEs in developing & maintaining their online presence.

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